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So once upon a time there was a war.

 I don't know if this movie will/has/is getting a northern hemisphere release but IT SHOULD.

Not only is it a brilliant movie but it is THE BEST book adaptation I have seen since, oh, Whale Rider springs to mind (bad book, good film).

~ An action movie with plenty of explosions, gun battle and chase scenes.
~ A comedy with loads of laugh out loud teenage humor and physical jokes.
~ A drama with well defined characters and relationships, with life changing character moments when the film goes silent and the whole audience goes silent and that breathtaking stillness is a moment of magic.

The only reason I went to this film was because I loved the books as a teen. Other than that I wouldn't have bothered. Half the young cast are from Neighbours or Home and Away (questionable Aussie soap operas) and it is a 100% Australian funded film trying to be blockbuster. That screams pathetic disaster.

Australia, I apologise.

Your film was a blockbuster of epic proportions done on half the budget. Your actors were capable and perfectly cast. Your explosions were fiery, your soundtrack perfect.

But most importantly I watched this movie and out of it I got the book. The characters were faithful, the plot was faithful, the feel was SPOT ON. 

The only gripe, if I'm pressed, was that you could tell some of the wide scape shots were green-screened when the cast acted in front of it, not too obvious really, but not at a major hollywood standard.


My friend, who hadn't read the books, loved the movie so it sounds like it stands by itself too.

If you get a chance, don't dismiss this film because it is Australian, don't dismiss this film because it is a teen book adaptation.

See it, see it because it is not Eragon, it is not The Golden Compass, it is not The Last is Tomorrow When the War Began and if you lovely people visit the box office then tell more lovely people hopefully it will be film one of three :)

The books by John Marsden are amazing and I implore you to read all seven if you get the chance.

I am one happy camper. I'm so used to being disappointed by book adaptations that this was such a lovely surprise.

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Thanks for posting this. I loved the books so much and I've been really worried that they'll fuck it up. I'm probably going this weekend and this definitely makes me feel more positive about it.

I hope it doesn't disappoint you now that I've raved. There's nothing worse than going into a film with high expectations and being disappointed.

I love when something makes me ramble uncontrollably, I was just so genuinely happy about it!

Let me know what you think when you see it.

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