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living in christchurch is very bizarre at the moment.

Many things are as normal, the main road in Christchurch is open but part of the CBD is still on shut down. I don't have school until Monday but our flat and its building are perfectly fine.

You almost forget.

Then you wake up at 3.13am with an aftershock.

Then you look out my bedroom window to see 2 or 3 hunky army soldiers standing at the CBD cordon 24/7 (I live right at the edge of the no go zone, like, right across the road).

Then you walk past the building next door which is destined to be demolished.

Then you see the Mobil/McDonald's across the road still shut after five days. Gas stations never shut. McDonald's never shuts.

People walk by the police and the army with their groceries, people head off to work, the buses are running, bicycles go by. 

It's almost normal.

But its not.

Nothing to do, nowhere to go. You get bored, complacent, you joke about it.

Then a big aftershock happens and you're suddenly wired with adrenaline.

We are a city living on the tips of our toes.

Bulldozers and diggers roar by, Helicopters fly over regularly and there are News crews everywhere.

Speaking of, we run a regional TV news bulletin at school, I'm not a part of it but because many people have gone home for what has become a very long long weekend I've been roped in to work the audio. So, if you're in the Canterbury region tune into CTV at 7pm tonight (and every Thursday), Metro News, with some brilliant quake coverage by our awesome journalists and some probably shoddy audio work done by yours truly (I have no clue what I'm doing and it is going as-live, gulp).


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