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Ta Ta For Now
jensen and danneel
I've moved!


I'm slowly drifting away from active fandom (active-ish in my case) so livejournal doesn't quite have the appeal it once had. I'm not completely gone though, don't stress. My wordpress is just my new base camp. Have a gander, or not.

Peace and love!

Also, its V48hr this weekend and I can't do it because I have school shooting to do tomorrow. Second year in a row and I have been asked several times if I want to join various teams. Pooh, I wanted to join the non stressful frivolity! Instead I have to work. Again. :(


The universe has to move forward. Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it’s a world, or a relationship… Everything has its time. And everything ends.
- Sarah Jane Smith (School Reunion, 2006)

“Never meet your heroes’ wise people say. They weren’t thinking of Lis Sladen.

Sarah Jane Smith was everybody’s hero when I was younger, and as brave and funny and brilliant as people only ever are in stories. But many years later, when I met the real Sarah-Jane - Lis Sladen herself - she was exactly as any child ever have wanted her to be. Kind and gentle and clever; and a ferociously talented actress, of course, but in that perfectly English unassuming way.

There are a blessed few who can carry a whole television show on their talent and charisma - but I can’t think of one other who’s done it quite so politely. I once showed my son Joshua an old episode of Doctor Who, in which Lis appeared. “But that’s Sarah Jane,” he said, confused “In old Doctor Who. From years ago. How come she always look exactly the same?” It’s not a comfort today, of course, but children will still be saying that fifty years from now."
                                 - Steven Moffat, Doctor Who’s Lead Writer and Executive Producer on the passing of Elisabeth Sladen

make something, i did.
curious george

my city of ruin
I finally did it. Did the walk around the cordon.

'tis funny in a not funny way but my flat from last year is right on the other side of the fencing. So very lucky I'm not there anymore. My new flat (only in there 20 days before the quake) is about 50 meters away from the cordon but I haven't been allowed back in there quite yet as USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) destroyed all the doors getting in and then someone left a tap on and the whole place flooded with the carpets having to be ripped out and replaced.

But I am back in the outer CBD at least and so loving being back.

It is very surreal though.
After the September 4th quake I posted this image
Today I walked past that same building.

more quakeage fotos and a shameless plug under hereCollapse )

(no subject)
i heart tv



oh japan.
please send thoughts, prayers and hums.

After all our quake troubles in NZ these few weeks the footage coming from Japan is just...there are simply no words.

The Japanese USAR team have been a pillar of support and strength these past weeks. Go home guys, we love you and your families and hope they are well. We will care for your deceased here as if they were our own but right now you are needed back home.

I am sitting here watching a car trying desperately to drive away from the waves. There are people in that car. That car just got swept away.

Oh God.


A girl I was best friends with in Intermediate, but now don't talk to, just posted this on her facebook.
"Why on earth did so many people have nothing stored for emergency use eg. food, bottles of water, things to cook on etc in Christchurch after the September the 4th Earthquake? It puzzles me."

I want to punch her in the face. Whether her words are valid or not is beside the point. Many people couldn't access their kits under rubble, many had them but they didn't do much in the big picture and, yeah, many didn't have them at all.
Lightning isn't supposed to hit the same place twice.

But how insensitive can you get. To post that in a public place, especially when in NZ everybody at least knows somebody who knows somebody. I am venting here because she won't see this and I don't want an argument. Seriously.





People have died and you are lecturing the survivors on proper disaster etiquette.

Go climb a tree.

six point three
Yesterday morning I was in the Christchurch CBD. I was preparing script concepts, listening to a lecture, excited about directing/writing my own drama/short film and working to sign a band for a music video. I was going to go to the movies that night and was looking forward to the steak that was in my fridge.

That steak is still sitting in that fridge and probably will for at least a month, slowly going bad.

It's silly the little things you think about.

At 12.51pm I was at the top of the stairwell in our studio when the world lurched sideways. We huddled under a doorway (all 20 of us in the room) until the worst was over then made our escape outside. We saw dust billowing from what turned out to be the collapsed CTV building down the road, people are still trapped under there now, many are dead.

We walked 20 minutes to a friends place, best to get out of the city but we didn't feel safe there either. Six of us hopped in a car, silent and crying, listening to the horror stories on the radio, and drove to each person's house, dropping them off with family and loved ones, hoping all the while for that one house we could maybe stay in for the night. None were safe. Finally after five hours of driving clogged, dangerous roads we ended up at a friend of a friends, bizarrely eating fresh BBQed snapper and beef via candle light, a rather grand banquet.

Two blocks down a boulder the size of several buildings had rolled off the cliff face above and had flattened the RSA. There were people inside at the time.

This morning I was leaving a stranger's home in a stranger's car, unsure where I would sleep tonight.

A welfare centre, the Red Cross, airport queues and a jumbo jet later and I am now in Auckland, in the bed I have known for the past five years. I am one of the lucky ones.

Over the past 36 hours our stomachs have been these empty, hollow abysses. We are not hungry, we are not nauseous, there is just nothing in there. We all sit in silence, staring into space. I slept with clenched fists, fully clothed with shoes on. Aftershocks rocked us, some as high as 5.1 throughout the night and into the day. I am operating on 2 hours sleep.

There is no adrenaline buzz anymore, no leap into action, no planning, no contemplating. Just merely getting through the hour.

I am one of the lucky ones.

People have lost loved ones, people are still trapped.

I am in Auckland tonight but my heart is in Christchurch.

Please please please send all you can to this beautiful city, even if it is only thoughts and prayers.

Donations can be made through any official charity, here: http://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/ or by following these steps: http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/christchurch-quake-appeals-launched-4038581

Please pass this along.

EDIT: This is it. This is what I was trying to say. Above all, read this and step into the leopard heeled shoes of this particular Cantabrian if just for a moment.

bunnies are evil.
i heart tv
so, where have I been the past 3 months....

.....the Buffyverse!!!

Just watched the Angel series finale last night. I am exhausted from it all really. Having all the DVD's right there, it became like a race to get through it all. 12 seasons of television, over 250 episodes. Sometimes I was managing 2 seasons in a week!! (eek!!)

Overall impressions...Collapse )

Although I have my reservations I would truly recommend the Buffy/Whedon'verse to everyone and anyone. Character driven drama, with a mytharc spanning 200+ episodes, that is why television was invented really. Any 'verse that epic is worth getting sucked into (expect maybe if it's Smallville. Alien child is raised as human. Has super powers. Other people do to. He grows up. Mayhem ensues. He eventually becomes Superman. Seriously, that's all you really need to know. ;)

and it ends in a wedding
bad wolf
So long Outrageous Fortune.

Your series finale was cute but very anti-climatic. Regardless, your legacy will live on. You have showcased true NZ talent, both onscreen and behind the camera. You have brought NZ together as a country, as a people. You have made us proud.

Also Outrageous Fortune is currently trending worldwide on twitter. Which is quite an achievement for anything kiwi related, let alone a television drama of all things.

If anyone outside of NZ is interested, this is a show that is worth your time. Rude, x-rated, stupid and pure white trash bogan but with more heart and more character than anything else I have ever watched. Some of you may recognise Grant Bowler from True Blood and Ugly Betty...this is where he got his start. Some of you from the US may have watched Scoundrels on ABC over the summer...this is the show that craptastic piece of 'entertainment' was based on.

Outrageous Fortune is awesome. Welcome to the West.

nothing is bigger than us.
i heart tv
Friday Night Lights now owns my soul. I can't believe it took me this long to tune in.


That is all.

 Supernatural has me unsure about everything at the mo. Like, I have so much to not say that I feel I need to say something about the not saying. The Lisa storyline is the only thing in the whole show I know for sure I like at the moment - but they may have ruined that after last week. Everything else...I dunno, I feel you should be able to enjoy aspects of the plot without waiting for the twist. The twist may be brilliant, where they're going may be brilliant but actually getting there...yeah, not so brilliant at the moment for me, a bit all over the place.

I've also been marathoning many a show the last few months and have now caught up with Outrageous Fortune, Fringe and Haven. Am currently catching up with Luther and Friday Night Lights. The rest of my list goes as follows:

The Inbetweeners
Gavin & Stacey
Battlestar Galatica
Arrested Development
Hawaii Five-O

Buffy I know I am definitely watching over the long holidays at Xmas, I'm borrowing the complete series off a friend but other than that I'm not sure which ones are actually worth getting involved with. I guess I'll just have to work through them all, which will keep me busy until this time next year at the very least!

Looking for a flat for next year at the mo, argh, so awkward trying to suss flatmates and what you want vs. what they want. So keen just to live by myself. Yep, I'm anti-social but mostly I find people are not worth the effort. Which is sad and depressing but whatev. Course finishes in just over a month then back up North for Xmas, Aussie for New Years then repeat it all over again next year.

But next year we get to work location shoots which will be awesome. I was an extra on a 2nd year student location shoot last night. 2am in the local heritage village, dressed in blood and gore chasing after the 'amish' villagers. Classic. Can't wait to actually direct/produce/write for location finally, so sick of studio/live/news stuff. Bring on next year!
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Fic: Of Smoke Screens and What Used to Be
Title: Of Smokes Screens and What Used to Be
Characters: Dean (Sam)
Rating: G
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 443
Spoilers: post 6.03
Summary: "When Dean was in Hell they would come to him with Sam's face, making him believe, making him hope. This is worse."
A/N: Yes, I wrote fic! Turns out if I open a word doc and really, really want to avoid my research review SPN magically comes out instead.

just because they don't have to speak doesn't mean that they shouldn't.Collapse )
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a roof is just a roof
jensen and danneel

It's kinda time for me to find a place to live for next year.

my thought process, mostly boring, read if you will :)Collapse )

episode one hundred and eight
I fcuking LOVE Lisa Braeden. She is everything I dreamt she could be.

This was overall very much better than the premiere. It still had the same issues, Campbell's and iffy plot but we got more time with Ben and also Sam and Dean actually talked. Sam smiled. So, yes, win.

Also, there was a baby and baby cuteness and then Dean cuteness with the baby.

Sure, its not perfect and I'm not sure where they're going with this, whether it will be good or bad, but I am enjoying the thrill of the ride so far.

I happy.

living in christchurch is very bizarre at the moment.

Many things are as normal, the main road in Christchurch is open but part of the CBD is still on shut down. I don't have school until Monday but our flat and its building are perfectly fine.

You almost forget.

Then you wake up at 3.13am with an aftershock.

Then you look out my bedroom window to see 2 or 3 hunky army soldiers standing at the CBD cordon 24/7 (I live right at the edge of the no go zone, like, right across the road).

Then you walk past the building next door which is destined to be demolished.

Then you see the Mobil/McDonald's across the road still shut after five days. Gas stations never shut. McDonald's never shuts.

People walk by the police and the army with their groceries, people head off to work, the buses are running, bicycles go by. 

It's almost normal.

But its not.

Nothing to do, nowhere to go. You get bored, complacent, you joke about it.

Then a big aftershock happens and you're suddenly wired with adrenaline.

We are a city living on the tips of our toes.

Bulldozers and diggers roar by, Helicopters fly over regularly and there are News crews everywhere.

Speaking of, we run a regional TV news bulletin at school, I'm not a part of it but because many people have gone home for what has become a very long long weekend I've been roped in to work the audio. So, if you're in the Canterbury region tune into CTV at 7pm tonight (and every Thursday), Metro News, with some brilliant quake coverage by our awesome journalists and some probably shoddy audio work done by yours truly (I have no clue what I'm doing and it is going as-live, gulp).

well, yesterday was.......eventful.
bad wolf


It wasn't either of their firsts so it was lovely and casual, everyone had a wonderful time. 

The most exciting part of the evening for me, of course, was......

'67 four door Impala....white, but just as beautiful as the Metallicar. I had a squee moment. That's me in my bridesmaids garb after the event. I WANT!

Secondly, I have for the last 8 months lived in Christchurch, which, if you didn't realise, was hit by a 7.1 Earthquake yesterday morning at 4 in the morning.

Thankfully, I was up here in Tauranga, the North Island so didn't feel the effects. But I live in the CBD, my school is in the CBD. The CBD has been devastated. Many buildings were at least 50 years old, brick and archaic. Places I walk past every day are destroyed.

This here is on my street, half a block down....just one example of the dozens of destroyed structures....wow


My flat is still standing with no major issues and I have been told by flatmates that my room hasn't been too damaged. School is shut, pending  a structural building inspection and there is no water in our building due to burst water pipes underneath the city.

As such I am staying in Tauranga for the next few days, waiting for the aftershocks to end (my friend just informed me that aftershock no. 51 just took place, still at over 5 magnitude), waiting for the water to return (showers would be nice, yes. 6 smelly students in a flat, no thanks) and waiting to see what's happening with school.

There has been only one casualty and only two serious injuries which is amazing when you look at the damage everywhere. 

So once upon a time there was a war.

 I don't know if this movie will/has/is getting a northern hemisphere release but IT SHOULD.

Not only is it a brilliant movie but it is THE BEST book adaptation I have seen since, oh, Whale Rider springs to mind (bad book, good film).

~ An action movie with plenty of explosions, gun battle and chase scenes.
~ A comedy with loads of laugh out loud teenage humor and physical jokes.
~ A drama with well defined characters and relationships, with life changing character moments when the film goes silent and the whole audience goes silent and that breathtaking stillness is a moment of magic.

The only reason I went to this film was because I loved the books as a teen. Other than that I wouldn't have bothered. Half the young cast are from Neighbours or Home and Away (questionable Aussie soap operas) and it is a 100% Australian funded film trying to be blockbuster. That screams pathetic disaster.

Australia, I apologise.

Your film was a blockbuster of epic proportions done on half the budget. Your actors were capable and perfectly cast. Your explosions were fiery, your soundtrack perfect.

But most importantly I watched this movie and out of it I got the book. The characters were faithful, the plot was faithful, the feel was SPOT ON. 

The only gripe, if I'm pressed, was that you could tell some of the wide scape shots were green-screened when the cast acted in front of it, not too obvious really, but not at a major hollywood standard.


My friend, who hadn't read the books, loved the movie so it sounds like it stands by itself too.

If you get a chance, don't dismiss this film because it is Australian, don't dismiss this film because it is a teen book adaptation.

See it, see it because it is not Eragon, it is not The Golden Compass, it is not The Last Airbender....it is Tomorrow When the War Began and if you lovely people visit the box office then tell more lovely people hopefully it will be film one of three :)

The books by John Marsden are amazing and I implore you to read all seven if you get the chance.

I am one happy camper. I'm so used to being disappointed by book adaptations that this was such a lovely surprise.

yes yes yes yes
i heart tv

Kripke + Gaiman = OMFG yes!


Doesn't sound very concrete really but just the very prospect of it got me all excitedly excited. 

Oh yes!

Just saw the 'mighty' INCEPTION
i heart tv
 AICN's Harry Knowles thoughts basically mirror mine, take a gander.

It was an action flick based on a cool idea. Personally I would have taken that idea and not made it an action flick. Brilliant concept, brilliant imagery, brilliant characters but as soon as it became an action caper it became pedestrian. But maybe that's just me, I enjoy a good action flick just as much as I enjoy a good romance, fantasy, etc but when something epic is so easily classified...then it isn't epic. That's my take.

It's almost like fiction has ruined fiction for me. As a child I read far too much (at one point I counted 100 books - with chapters, like actual books - in 2 months), I've always been, if not obsessive than at least a fan of film, I watch/have watched so much TV that its frightening and well, then there's five years worth of fanfic. There's no such thing as a interesting concept for me anymore. While the concept can be executed in interesting ways the idea itself is hardly ever new to me.

With Inception they had their interesting concept and simply ran with it. They didn't reinvent it or do anything really unexpected with it. Once the rules of the idea had been laid out to the audience (via heavy exposition) it all just played out. Although to a mainstream public I suppose the interesting concept is enough.

Not for me though. The execution of the interesting concept needs to be interesting. There is a difference, I promise.

Out of vague self interest, my Nolan score chart is as follows:

5. Batman Begins
4. Inception
3. Memento
2. Dark Knight
1. The Prestige

Off to watch Fringe, my heart is pounding for Scott Pilgrim next week, hope it doesn't disappoint. Man I love $10 ticket Tuesdays!


I love when a lecture involves Supernatural, Sherlock, True Blood and Doctor Who

The head of programming for Prime (4th largest free-to-air TV channel in the land for those non kiwis) spoke to us today and blew our freeking minds.

So much passion, so invested, so knowledgeable and SOOOOO right up my alley. She started the lecture talking about a british show she recently watched that she'd love to buy the rights for, eyes alight with how much she loved the show. I was muttering under my breath sherlock sherlock sherlock and yes, it was indeed Sherlock.

Then she gives an example of a show that TVNZ bought and wasted, screening it at 10.30 with no marketing when she had wanted to buy it with the intent of making it a lead show for Prime. Of course...which show was fcuked over by TVNZ but would be a lovely success on Prime? My dearly beloved Supernatural.

I love this woman.

Not only all this, a guest lecturer talking about what I love, but a speaker who captivated the whole ENTIRE class. There are 60 of us TVs, Radios and Journos and most of the time the Radios and Journos have no interested in our craft stuff and vice versa. But today EVERYONE was captivated.

Afterwards she casually mentioned she'd be at a coffee shop down the road if anyone wanted to join her and low and behold, about 20 of us went, not just TVs but Radios and Journos as well. 20 people in a small coffee shop, our head tutor was so damn proud of us.

She then went more in depth and we got to ask questions, personal and professional. Then she and I had a private fan moment of joint squee over Doctor Who/Torchwood and Sherlock and Supernatural and just.....dude, imagine if she was your boss?

The more I hear the more I realise programming and development is where I want to be (see previous ramblings from months ago on the same subject here) I love the goss about the ratings and the networks just as much as the content of the actual series and programmes themselves.

She takes interns from NZBS....I sooo hope to be, no, wait, positive thinking...this time next year I will be there. Count on it.

gervais is a genius
 My friend won 50 odd tickets to Rialto and we've been trying to use them up over the last few months. Last night we went to see Cemetery Junction, directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.


So my type of movie. British humor for starters, brilliant acting all around (oh hai there suprise Burn Gorman), excellent brit!popish soundtrack and the characters were just so damn likable. Numerous times my friend and I had our hands to our mouths, so invested with these people that we didn't want anything bad to happen to them, breaths bated.

One character was so very much like a certain brooding leather clad Winchester that my heart did funny pitter patter things every-time he came on screen. So much rage and despair hidden behind a jacket and little wise ass smirk....oh Dean Bruce!

Plus, it was Britain in the 70's and Life on Mars has left me a hardcore fan of that little window of the world. 

Perfection in a film.

vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid
(Sherlock Holmes has stolen my heart and trampled it. Doctor John Watson has soothed it all better.)

I hate youtube, so sick of the crappy quality. I know there is a way to make it better but I'm a tad slow. Still, I'll get there eventually. Compared to how past vids have turned out (squashed/letterboxed) this is a marked improvement.

EDIT (some days later): so, finally posted my vamp diaries vid too. I think its just cause I have FCP up I'm going through a vidding phase. To be honest, I worked this vid ages ago, pretty much hate it but can't be bothered with it. Like, so very much over it. Still, it was amusing to work on initially.....caroline, a victim? *deadpan* never.

(oooh Caroline sits in her room playing killer killer killer killer beats)

Stalking the Pitt
 So that was a mildly entertaining afternoon.

Me and my flatmate Cameron spent 2 hours in the Square attempting to stalk Brad Pitt. Nothing happened of course but it was legend nonetheless.

I got a text from a friend saying that Brad Pitt  (who is said to be in NZ at the mo) had called a radio station saying he'd be in Christchurch at 5.30pm. I cried bullshit of course but my flatty got all excited and we had nothing better to do so we went down with his video cam.

We're only 5 minutes from Cathedral Square so we wandered down. There was a tinted stretch limo at one point (which, for NZ, is rare and exciting) so Cameron races after it, miles ahead of the crowd, with his camera and tries to get some footage. Apparently there was a guy in there shielding his face but no official Brad confirmation.

Then we got interviewed for a local kids show (god, I hate Erin Simpson) and tried to win free stuff from the radio promoters.

It was the non-event to top all non-events but it was a rather amusing way to spend an afternoon, especially when all the excited fangirls turned up. Good times, good times.

On a side note my love for the new Sherlock is just ridiculous, one episode in and I'm vidding and looking for icons. It is my new squee show.

Red Eye Service Announcement
******* New Favourite Show alert! New Favourite Show alert! *******

Steven Moffat's 'Sherlock' is everything right with TV drama. Although the killer-of-the-week was obvious immediately it didn't matter because it was all about  the journey, not the destination. Oh, wow, haven't been that impressed with a pilot in ages.

The actors were spot on. They actually reminded me of Shawn and Gus off Psych, a lot of the episode did actually. This Sherlock is a mix between Shawn Spencer and the Eleventh Doctor...and isn't that just damn awesome! Of course, Holmes and Watson are the bromance that started it all, aren't they?

The modernization aspect of it was clever and paid well homage. 

I just love it when fictional drama can make me smile like this.

More coherent thoughts will probably come later but I can hear birds waking up and I haven't even fallen asleep yet.

Basically, it was brill, I implore you all to check it out!

Now I go to bed. Nighty night.

i can never think of good subject titles...this'll do.
 So, holidays are upon me and I have been working my way through my TV to do list.

The following has vague spoilers. Vague, as in, if you've watched these shows you probably know what I'm talking about, if you haven't you can live on in blissful ignorance. If blissful ignorance is shattered please let me know.

True Blood

I just watched every single episode in about four days. Yes, it is a show I find myself strangely drawn to but for the life of me I can't figure out why.

snip snipCollapse )


People in my class rave about it and somebody on my flist (I have a bad memory) got fandom-napped by it. So I trotted off down to the DVD store and hired the first season. 

The nature of a recommendation is that it is only successful if you hear so much good praise about something that you feel obliged to see what the fuss is about, thus, you then go into something with rather impossibly high expectations. 

more snip snipCollapse )

As I watch more television/movie/writing in general it is odd to slowly develop a taste for what I like/don't like. I want to write some day so I obviously want to write something I will enjoy. But at the same time, things I don't like in writing, other people LOVE. 

It's really interesting to slowly investigate what works for me and what works for others.

Anywho, next on my list is Friday Night Lights. You can't buy/watch it past the first season here in NZ so I have to seriously contemplate whether to waste precious bandwidth on a show that is so far about four seasons long. Although I do hear it is excellent. Hmmmm, ponder ponder.

 I have a completely free day today, not one thing on my to-do list - except maybe fold my laundry - so decided to focus myself on getting my writing back up underway. 

Half ideas and non-sensical theories plague my original writing so this morning I ignored everything I have ever written previously and started from scratch.

Now, I have my characters and I have their dynamics and let me tell you, they are just plain awesome. They deserve a good plot.

So, of course, I'm drawing a blank.

I always do this nowadays. Once upon a time I could go into these trance-like states and come out with it all perfectly mapped out, creative juices flowing beautifully.

That hasn't happened in at least a year and it is damn frustrating. Not only for me but I now feel like I'm doing these characters a disservice by not giving them a plight they deserve.

I'm thinking urban fantasy-ish but with a very old fashioned, simple tone.

I dunno. I think I'm gonna go take a walk. Howling wind and rain aside it might clear my head. On said walk I think I'll stop and buy a nice big whiteboard for plotting. Then walk back and have a nice long, hot shower. Then do said plotting on said whiteboard.

It all sounds very productive and idea friendly so after all that, if I don't make any progress I'm just going to sulk.


Just watched the LOST finale.

Not much of a LOST fan, watched maybe 45% of the whole series. What annoys me is that they went a similar route to the Ashes to Ashes series finale that aired only a few days beforehand. Without spoiling either show lets just say that the thing/theme/idea they had in common was the thing I disliked the most in each show.

Why does it have to always be epic?

Why can't it just be about a group of coppers and the occasional nutjob from the future?

Why can't it just be about plane crash survivors on a bizarre island?

Anywho, not what I came here to talk about. I just donated to thankyou_kripke  and their efforts to buy a thank you ad for the man and I implore all other fans to do so too. I'm a semi poor student, I NEVER donate to anything (sorry, yes, I do feel guilty) but I donated for this. Why? Because although the charities deserve it etc, there are always charities who deserve it and need it and I never know who deserves my money more. Which is harsh and sad but honest. But Eric Kripke CHANGED MY LIFE. Its that simple really and I think that is something equally deserving, if maybe in a different, slightly more self-centered way. So, yeah.

I'm also very excited for the Chuck season finale in about 18 hours, very, very keen.

the day has a cometh.
may adorable freckly babies appear forthwith.

congratulations to the happy couple.

and the flailing continues.
 just read this meta on the finale.





then I started crying again.

I am glad of a sixth season but at the same time I am wholly satisfyingly-unsatisfied with this finale. In a brilliantly sad-perfect-horrible-lovely-THE-END kind of way I am okay with it.

look at what you do to me show, geez.