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Just watched the LOST finale.

Not much of a LOST fan, watched maybe 45% of the whole series. What annoys me is that they went a similar route to the Ashes to Ashes series finale that aired only a few days beforehand. Without spoiling either show lets just say that the thing/theme/idea they had in common was the thing I disliked the most in each show.

Why does it have to always be epic?

Why can't it just be about a group of coppers and the occasional nutjob from the future?

Why can't it just be about plane crash survivors on a bizarre island?

Anywho, not what I came here to talk about. I just donated to thankyou_kripke  and their efforts to buy a thank you ad for the man and I implore all other fans to do so too. I'm a semi poor student, I NEVER donate to anything (sorry, yes, I do feel guilty) but I donated for this. Why? Because although the charities deserve it etc, there are always charities who deserve it and need it and I never know who deserves my money more. Which is harsh and sad but honest. But Eric Kripke CHANGED MY LIFE. Its that simple really and I think that is something equally deserving, if maybe in a different, slightly more self-centered way. So, yeah.

I'm also very excited for the Chuck season finale in about 18 hours, very, very keen.


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