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 I have a completely free day today, not one thing on my to-do list - except maybe fold my laundry - so decided to focus myself on getting my writing back up underway. 

Half ideas and non-sensical theories plague my original writing so this morning I ignored everything I have ever written previously and started from scratch.

Now, I have my characters and I have their dynamics and let me tell you, they are just plain awesome. They deserve a good plot.

So, of course, I'm drawing a blank.

I always do this nowadays. Once upon a time I could go into these trance-like states and come out with it all perfectly mapped out, creative juices flowing beautifully.

That hasn't happened in at least a year and it is damn frustrating. Not only for me but I now feel like I'm doing these characters a disservice by not giving them a plight they deserve.

I'm thinking urban fantasy-ish but with a very old fashioned, simple tone.

I dunno. I think I'm gonna go take a walk. Howling wind and rain aside it might clear my head. On said walk I think I'll stop and buy a nice big whiteboard for plotting. Then walk back and have a nice long, hot shower. Then do said plotting on said whiteboard.

It all sounds very productive and idea friendly so after all that, if I don't make any progress I'm just going to sulk.


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