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i can never think of good subject titles...this'll do.
 So, holidays are upon me and I have been working my way through my TV to do list.

The following has vague spoilers. Vague, as in, if you've watched these shows you probably know what I'm talking about, if you haven't you can live on in blissful ignorance. If blissful ignorance is shattered please let me know.

True Blood

I just watched every single episode in about four days. Yes, it is a show I find myself strangely drawn to but for the life of me I can't figure out why.

I mean, the storylines are just plain ridiculous. For the whole second half of the second season I was sitting there blinking, going 'really...REALLY?'  Sure that was an extreme/stupid storyline and it is slightly less crazy most of the time but still...vampire royalty and politics? lol. 

Also, you look at Sookie's relationship with Bill, you listen to all the warnings her friends give her and then you think, 'well, actually, they're right. She's a bit of a silly little girl, isn't she?' And Bill is infuriatingly straight laced and unattractive and I just don't get it.

And what's with all the SEX? It's like 'ooooh, we've been picked up by HBO, better get all our actors nekkid and on all fours.'

Yet, after all of the above, I still wanna tune in.

I have to say, I do love how they have such a large cast - such a large family of people in the town - and they all get just enough screen time and story line for it to work. So many damn characters and regardless of their importance they are all so rich and well fleshed. And to think, its only been less than 30 episodes and they are all comfortable and familiar. I'd kill to be able to write like that.


People in my class rave about it and somebody on my flist (I have a bad memory) got fandom-napped by it. So I trotted off down to the DVD store and hired the first season. 

The nature of a recommendation is that it is only successful if you hear so much good praise about something that you feel obliged to see what the fuss is about, thus, you then go into something with rather impossibly high expectations. 

I enjoyed it though.

I really like the characters. I heard whisperings of complaint about Olivia, how almost robotic and straight she is as a character but I love her. She is a woman sloshing through all the shit because if she stops she'll actually realise what the hell is going on around her and she knows it'll cripple her. She is beautiful, is Anna Torv, very delicate and sophisticated but at the same time she whips out a gun and she's badass.

There's not much I can say about Walter other than he is genius. Well, he is a genius genius. Well acted, well written, just well done. Peter though, he fascinates me. Not only Josh Jackson but the character. I think if you spent half the time on Peter's secretive back story and dubious friends and less time on the actual Fringe science stuff I would just die. He's so intriguing. Lovely and kind but dangerous.

I think with sci-fi if you're going to set it in the modern day then this is the right way of going about it. Everything in the show is crazy bizarre but is shown in a way that we could almost believe is plausible.

I just don't really like sci-fi I've realised.

Sure, I'm a Doctor Who fan but my favourite episodes are the ones on earth with the least obvious alien interference. 

Sure, I love Firefly, but its the characters and the 'verse and the western feel that pull me in, not the guns and the technology and the space travel.

I love aspects of this show but I feel myself bored with the sci-fi/alternateverses/fringe science part. Not because they are boring (hell, its damn intense most of the time) just that I personally don't find it all that attractive to watch.

Bear in mind that I haven't seen season two of Fringe. TVNZ is promising to air it this year so I'll watch it then. Either that or when/if the DVD makes its way to our shores. Please don't spoil season two for me :)

As I watch more television/movie/writing in general it is odd to slowly develop a taste for what I like/don't like. I want to write some day so I obviously want to write something I will enjoy. But at the same time, things I don't like in writing, other people LOVE. 

It's really interesting to slowly investigate what works for me and what works for others.

Anywho, next on my list is Friday Night Lights. You can't buy/watch it past the first season here in NZ so I have to seriously contemplate whether to waste precious bandwidth on a show that is so far about four seasons long. Although I do hear it is excellent. Hmmmm, ponder ponder.

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The thing to remember about FNL is that only season 1 is a full 22 episodes. Season 2 got cut short by the writers' strike (I think the season has 15 episodes) and season 3 onwards have been first run on a DirecTV channel before airing on NBC later, so they only have 13 episodes each. The number of episodes basically boils it down to 3 nearly full seasons by broadcast-network standards.

Also, season 1 is brilliant. Season 2 has some weak parts/storylines IMO, but season 3 and season 4 have been SO perfect.

Regarding True Blood - read the books. The books are quite good.

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