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Red Eye Service Announcement
******* New Favourite Show alert! New Favourite Show alert! *******

Steven Moffat's 'Sherlock' is everything right with TV drama. Although the killer-of-the-week was obvious immediately it didn't matter because it was all about  the journey, not the destination. Oh, wow, haven't been that impressed with a pilot in ages.

The actors were spot on. They actually reminded me of Shawn and Gus off Psych, a lot of the episode did actually. This Sherlock is a mix between Shawn Spencer and the Eleventh Doctor...and isn't that just damn awesome! Of course, Holmes and Watson are the bromance that started it all, aren't they?

The modernization aspect of it was clever and paid well homage. 

I just love it when fictional drama can make me smile like this.

More coherent thoughts will probably come later but I can hear birds waking up and I haven't even fallen asleep yet.

Basically, it was brill, I implore you all to check it out!

Now I go to bed. Nighty night.


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