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Stalking the Pitt
 So that was a mildly entertaining afternoon.

Me and my flatmate Cameron spent 2 hours in the Square attempting to stalk Brad Pitt. Nothing happened of course but it was legend nonetheless.

I got a text from a friend saying that Brad Pitt  (who is said to be in NZ at the mo) had called a radio station saying he'd be in Christchurch at 5.30pm. I cried bullshit of course but my flatty got all excited and we had nothing better to do so we went down with his video cam.

We're only 5 minutes from Cathedral Square so we wandered down. There was a tinted stretch limo at one point (which, for NZ, is rare and exciting) so Cameron races after it, miles ahead of the crowd, with his camera and tries to get some footage. Apparently there was a guy in there shielding his face but no official Brad confirmation.

Then we got interviewed for a local kids show (god, I hate Erin Simpson) and tried to win free stuff from the radio promoters.

It was the non-event to top all non-events but it was a rather amusing way to spend an afternoon, especially when all the excited fangirls turned up. Good times, good times.

On a side note my love for the new Sherlock is just ridiculous, one episode in and I'm vidding and looking for icons. It is my new squee show.

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Damn, that sounds like a much more interesting way to spend a Thursday afternoon than catching the wrong bus for the first time in the two years I'd lived here... wish I'd head about that, I would have been stalking too ;)

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