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vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid
(Sherlock Holmes has stolen my heart and trampled it. Doctor John Watson has soothed it all better.)

I hate youtube, so sick of the crappy quality. I know there is a way to make it better but I'm a tad slow. Still, I'll get there eventually. Compared to how past vids have turned out (squashed/letterboxed) this is a marked improvement.

EDIT (some days later): so, finally posted my vamp diaries vid too. I think its just cause I have FCP up I'm going through a vidding phase. To be honest, I worked this vid ages ago, pretty much hate it but can't be bothered with it. Like, so very much over it. Still, it was amusing to work on initially.....caroline, a victim? *deadpan* never.

(oooh Caroline sits in her room playing killer killer killer killer beats)


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