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gervais is a genius
 My friend won 50 odd tickets to Rialto and we've been trying to use them up over the last few months. Last night we went to see Cemetery Junction, directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.


So my type of movie. British humor for starters, brilliant acting all around (oh hai there suprise Burn Gorman), excellent brit!popish soundtrack and the characters were just so damn likable. Numerous times my friend and I had our hands to our mouths, so invested with these people that we didn't want anything bad to happen to them, breaths bated.

One character was so very much like a certain brooding leather clad Winchester that my heart did funny pitter patter things every-time he came on screen. So much rage and despair hidden behind a jacket and little wise ass smirk....oh Dean Bruce!

Plus, it was Britain in the 70's and Life on Mars has left me a hardcore fan of that little window of the world. 

Perfection in a film.