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I love when a lecture involves Supernatural, Sherlock, True Blood and Doctor Who

The head of programming for Prime (4th largest free-to-air TV channel in the land for those non kiwis) spoke to us today and blew our freeking minds.

So much passion, so invested, so knowledgeable and SOOOOO right up my alley. She started the lecture talking about a british show she recently watched that she'd love to buy the rights for, eyes alight with how much she loved the show. I was muttering under my breath sherlock sherlock sherlock and yes, it was indeed Sherlock.

Then she gives an example of a show that TVNZ bought and wasted, screening it at 10.30 with no marketing when she had wanted to buy it with the intent of making it a lead show for Prime. Of course...which show was fcuked over by TVNZ but would be a lovely success on Prime? My dearly beloved Supernatural.

I love this woman.

Not only all this, a guest lecturer talking about what I love, but a speaker who captivated the whole ENTIRE class. There are 60 of us TVs, Radios and Journos and most of the time the Radios and Journos have no interested in our craft stuff and vice versa. But today EVERYONE was captivated.

Afterwards she casually mentioned she'd be at a coffee shop down the road if anyone wanted to join her and low and behold, about 20 of us went, not just TVs but Radios and Journos as well. 20 people in a small coffee shop, our head tutor was so damn proud of us.

She then went more in depth and we got to ask questions, personal and professional. Then she and I had a private fan moment of joint squee over Doctor Who/Torchwood and Sherlock and Supernatural and just.....dude, imagine if she was your boss?

The more I hear the more I realise programming and development is where I want to be (see previous ramblings from months ago on the same subject here) I love the goss about the ratings and the networks just as much as the content of the actual series and programmes themselves.

She takes interns from NZBS....I sooo hope to be, no, wait, positive thinking...this time next year I will be there. Count on it.


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