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Just saw the 'mighty' INCEPTION
i heart tv
 AICN's Harry Knowles thoughts basically mirror mine, take a gander.

It was an action flick based on a cool idea. Personally I would have taken that idea and not made it an action flick. Brilliant concept, brilliant imagery, brilliant characters but as soon as it became an action caper it became pedestrian. But maybe that's just me, I enjoy a good action flick just as much as I enjoy a good romance, fantasy, etc but when something epic is so easily classified...then it isn't epic. That's my take.

It's almost like fiction has ruined fiction for me. As a child I read far too much (at one point I counted 100 books - with chapters, like actual books - in 2 months), I've always been, if not obsessive than at least a fan of film, I watch/have watched so much TV that its frightening and well, then there's five years worth of fanfic. There's no such thing as a interesting concept for me anymore. While the concept can be executed in interesting ways the idea itself is hardly ever new to me.

With Inception they had their interesting concept and simply ran with it. They didn't reinvent it or do anything really unexpected with it. Once the rules of the idea had been laid out to the audience (via heavy exposition) it all just played out. Although to a mainstream public I suppose the interesting concept is enough.

Not for me though. The execution of the interesting concept needs to be interesting. There is a difference, I promise.

Out of vague self interest, my Nolan score chart is as follows:

5. Batman Begins
4. Inception
3. Memento
2. Dark Knight
1. The Prestige

Off to watch Fringe, my heart is pounding for Scott Pilgrim next week, hope it doesn't disappoint. Man I love $10 ticket Tuesdays!



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