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well, yesterday was.......eventful.
bad wolf


It wasn't either of their firsts so it was lovely and casual, everyone had a wonderful time. 

The most exciting part of the evening for me, of course, was......

'67 four door Impala....white, but just as beautiful as the Metallicar. I had a squee moment. That's me in my bridesmaids garb after the event. I WANT!

Secondly, I have for the last 8 months lived in Christchurch, which, if you didn't realise, was hit by a 7.1 Earthquake yesterday morning at 4 in the morning.

Thankfully, I was up here in Tauranga, the North Island so didn't feel the effects. But I live in the CBD, my school is in the CBD. The CBD has been devastated. Many buildings were at least 50 years old, brick and archaic. Places I walk past every day are destroyed.

This here is on my street, half a block down....just one example of the dozens of destroyed


My flat is still standing with no major issues and I have been told by flatmates that my room hasn't been too damaged. School is shut, pending  a structural building inspection and there is no water in our building due to burst water pipes underneath the city.

As such I am staying in Tauranga for the next few days, waiting for the aftershocks to end (my friend just informed me that aftershock no. 51 just took place, still at over 5 magnitude), waiting for the water to return (showers would be nice, yes. 6 smelly students in a flat, no thanks) and waiting to see what's happening with school.

There has been only one casualty and only two serious injuries which is amazing when you look at the damage everywhere. 

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I am so glad you are okay and were out of harm's way when it happened!! Very glad your room didn't have too much damage either.

So there has been a casualty reported? :(

Finally, congrats to your parents!

I am glad I wasn't there but the novelty of it does seem rather exciting. At least I have my warm water and my family here with me. My flatmate is alone in the flat in the middle of the CBD, I wouldn't like that.

I couldn't believe it when my sister shook me awake yesterday morning, I thought it was just a little one, a tremor, not worth my attention but the images of the city are just damn scary!

Apparently somebody died of a heart attack yesterday evening due to the quake but other than that....its amazing really the lack of casualties. So fortunate it happened while everyone was asleep and at home rather than out on the streets.

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