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a roof is just a roof
jensen and danneel

It's kinda time for me to find a place to live for next year.

Its very aggravating. Everyone at course is in the same boat but it is very awkward feeling around for flatmates without knowing for sure who you want to flat with or what you want to do. I don't have a car and since I live right across the road now and love it, I still want to live in the CBD and close to everything needed. I also want fully furnished and well kept with relatively quiet, clean flatmates. I think all that combined is wishful thinking.

I have one potential place that we looked at this arvo. A current flatmate and friend has said yes to move in and the existing two girls go to my school (although not my course) and have cars so they can drop us in the mornings too. Which is good because this flat is right next to Hagley Park, close to Addington. Which isn't really that far (2kms) but it is still a fair distance to walk, not all that central to anything except the hospital (which, I suppose is good ;)) The flat itself is nice enough, furnished apart from bedrooms and the bedrooms are huge, much larger than anything I had growing up. I'd have to provide my own bedroom furniture, which is a bitch for me, and would have to start paying from November even though I wouldn't move in until mid Jan. I presumed this would be the case anyway, realistically, but it still is difficult.

The girls seem very friendly, slightly louder than I'd prefer but I think that's just cause I'm realitively anti-social.

I dunno, I said I'd get back to them in 24hrs...hmmmmm.


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