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 Supernatural has me unsure about everything at the mo. Like, I have so much to not say that I feel I need to say something about the not saying. The Lisa storyline is the only thing in the whole show I know for sure I like at the moment - but they may have ruined that after last week. Everything else...I dunno, I feel you should be able to enjoy aspects of the plot without waiting for the twist. The twist may be brilliant, where they're going may be brilliant but actually getting there...yeah, not so brilliant at the moment for me, a bit all over the place.

I've also been marathoning many a show the last few months and have now caught up with Outrageous Fortune, Fringe and Haven. Am currently catching up with Luther and Friday Night Lights. The rest of my list goes as follows:

The Inbetweeners
Gavin & Stacey
Battlestar Galatica
Arrested Development
Hawaii Five-O

Buffy I know I am definitely watching over the long holidays at Xmas, I'm borrowing the complete series off a friend but other than that I'm not sure which ones are actually worth getting involved with. I guess I'll just have to work through them all, which will keep me busy until this time next year at the very least!

Looking for a flat for next year at the mo, argh, so awkward trying to suss flatmates and what you want vs. what they want. So keen just to live by myself. Yep, I'm anti-social but mostly I find people are not worth the effort. Which is sad and depressing but whatev. Course finishes in just over a month then back up North for Xmas, Aussie for New Years then repeat it all over again next year.

But next year we get to work location shoots which will be awesome. I was an extra on a 2nd year student location shoot last night. 2am in the local heritage village, dressed in blood and gore chasing after the 'amish' villagers. Classic. Can't wait to actually direct/produce/write for location finally, so sick of studio/live/news stuff. Bring on next year!
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