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and it ends in a wedding
bad wolf
So long Outrageous Fortune.

Your series finale was cute but very anti-climatic. Regardless, your legacy will live on. You have showcased true NZ talent, both onscreen and behind the camera. You have brought NZ together as a country, as a people. You have made us proud.

Also Outrageous Fortune is currently trending worldwide on twitter. Which is quite an achievement for anything kiwi related, let alone a television drama of all things.

If anyone outside of NZ is interested, this is a show that is worth your time. Rude, x-rated, stupid and pure white trash bogan but with more heart and more character than anything else I have ever watched. Some of you may recognise Grant Bowler from True Blood and Ugly Betty...this is where he got his start. Some of you from the US may have watched Scoundrels on ABC over the summer...this is the show that craptastic piece of 'entertainment' was based on.

Outrageous Fortune is awesome. Welcome to the West.

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Aw season 6 is the last season? Sad. I still have to get past season 1. Have seen all of that season, but nothing of season 2 or beyond yet. Though I have seasons 2 through 5 all readily available. Some of season 6, but I stopped downloading part way through. I'll get the rest soon.

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