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A girl I was best friends with in Intermediate, but now don't talk to, just posted this on her facebook.
"Why on earth did so many people have nothing stored for emergency use eg. food, bottles of water, things to cook on etc in Christchurch after the September the 4th Earthquake? It puzzles me."

I want to punch her in the face. Whether her words are valid or not is beside the point. Many people couldn't access their kits under rubble, many had them but they didn't do much in the big picture and, yeah, many didn't have them at all.
Lightning isn't supposed to hit the same place twice.

But how insensitive can you get. To post that in a public place, especially when in NZ everybody at least knows somebody who knows somebody. I am venting here because she won't see this and I don't want an argument. Seriously.





People have died and you are lecturing the survivors on proper disaster etiquette.

Go climb a tree.

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