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my city of ruin
I finally did it. Did the walk around the cordon.

'tis funny in a not funny way but my flat from last year is right on the other side of the fencing. So very lucky I'm not there anymore. My new flat (only in there 20 days before the quake) is about 50 meters away from the cordon but I haven't been allowed back in there quite yet as USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) destroyed all the doors getting in and then someone left a tap on and the whole place flooded with the carpets having to be ripped out and replaced.

But I am back in the outer CBD at least and so loving being back.

It is very surreal though.
After the September 4th quake I posted this image
Today I walked past that same building.

These first few photos are along my everyday walk to class (I've been temporarily rehoused a 20 minute walk away)


Above is the Catholic Basilica, one of half a dozen damaged heritage sites (including the Cathedral) that they will try to salvage for prosperity. This was once a beautiful church, inside and out.
In the photos below you can see the now infamous Grand Chancellor Hotel. Its lean is rather iffy and they will be demolishing it floor by floor. I do believe its the tallest building in the CBD (so probs all of Chch, probs all of the South Island).
The army boys stationed at the ready (I think they were both reading books hehe) are sitting in front of my old building. I was directly behind them two floors up and during last year's quake they were stationed there as well. Very reassuring. And pretty.
From here I walked further around the cordon, past our studio. But the pic below is actually across the road from my new flat (the one I am very very keen to go back to ;))


And finally below is the mainstreet of the Christchurch CBD. It was very emotional standing there and look at all that what-once-was.

To be honest I wasn't entirely comfortable taking these pictures. There were so many other people out gawking and wanted to tell them off for intruding on people's tragedies but realised I was doing it too. I mean, in every single one of these buildings livelihoods have been destroyed, many lives taken and I didn't want to document that.

But at the same time, this happened and I was part of it. While I am not Christchurch born and bred I have lived in the CBD for over a year and this is my first home away from home. I'm 19 and this city is mine, not my family's, mine. That is important to me and that I was here, that this happened to my city, is something I will carry with me forever.

Lastly, I am back in Christchurch because course has started up again and if you've got to the end of this very long post you may be interesting in what I am doing at course. I present to you Last year we ran on CTV, the community channel but that was one of the worst hit buildings in the city, where over half the lives were lost so unfortunately it was not possible this year. Silver linings and all that we are now 100% online and the website goes live on Monday (11th).

I am web promo girl so, if you would be so kind.....


The joy of being online, of course, meaning we aren't limited to our region. All of NZ can watch, all of the WORLD.

Therefore there are no excuses for not watching/following/liking/attending. lol


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Is there a particular time that one should tune in?

Thank you for sharing these photos. So heartbreaking. I am very grateful that you moved about three weeks before the quake. It's almost as though you knew...

ooooh! yay tuning in is good! no, no particular time, we're just uploading stories as they come. I think we'll have at least two on Monday, maybe more.

There are just so many ways I am fortunate but it was really only today, when I had time to go and just look at it all, did it really resonate with me.

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